Chapter 2.  Getting Started with

Table of Contents

2.1. Installing
2.2. Creating a New Application
2.2.1. Application Structure
2.2.2. Adding Pages to the Application

2.1.  Installing

comes with a simple to use and install command line tool that will enable you to get an application up-and-running fast and will assist thorough your fist steps in developing an application using wedge. These are the steps you need to do to get started with wedge.

  1. Download from the sourceforge download site

  2. Unzip the archive to a location on your computer. NOTE: The path to that location should not contain spaces!

  3. Add the installation location to the system path. Thus you will be able to run wedge command line tool from anywhere on your computer.

  4. Add a system variable named WEDGE_HOME that points to the installation folder.

To check that your installation was done properly, open a command line window and type the command ' wedge '. You should get the following output:

Welcome to Wedge RAD Enviroment!
To quit enter '\q' command. For help enter 'help' command.

(c) Copyright 2005-2006

An application must be specified! If you would like to create it
you need to specify its name. A folder with specified name will be
created into the current directory.
Application name (\q to exit):

Type \q to exit. Now you are ready to start a new application. And that is not too complicated at all!