Chapter 5. Hibernate Integration

Table of Contents

5.1. Introduction to ORM Wedge support
5.2. Defining Application Model
5.3. Model Java Classes
5.4. Model Relations
5.5. Model Components

5.1. Introduction to ORM Wedge support

Wedge provides a simple way to define common application domain models. It enables you to create a domain that have common relationships between its entities such as many to one, many to many, table per hierarchy etc. by simply specifing the java classes that consitutes the model. Although wedge orm support is nothing more than Hibernate, there is no need for you to provide xml mappings as they are generated on the fly at application start up.

Building application domain model with wedge it based on naming conventions for the domain classes and their fields. Wedge makes use of this conventions in order to figure out which are the elements of the domain, their properties and relation between those entities.