Chapter 3. Spring Integration

Table of Contents

3.1. is built on Spring
3.2. How to configure
3.3. DAO Support (experimental)

3.1.  is built on Spring

As a servlet based web framework uses Spring servlet support. The net.sf.wedge.ApplicationServlet servlet you need to register in the web.xml application descriptor extends org.springframework.wev.servlet.FrameworkServlet which Spring provides. This has the following implications:

  1. The application context that coresponds to the servlet must be configured in a file named after the rule: <servlet name>-application.xml. This rule overwrites the Spring one where the suffix was -servlet.xml attached to the servlet name.

  2. You may/must declare a filter that will load the base application context. For more details see the Spring framework refference documentation.

In the base application context configuration file, which must be named applicationContext.xml, you may declare elements that constitutes the layers beneath the front end application.

In the <servlet name>-application.xml configuration file you will declare the pages, frames and parts of your application. You will see exactly how in the following sections.